Dem Franchize Boyz' rapper Parlae: Hearing postponed, charges may be reduced

July 27, 2006

Dem Franchize Boyz rapper Parlae appeared in a FultonCounty court yesterday (7/24) for a plea hearing, only to have the appearance rescheduled for next month. Parlae’s lawyer believes the rapper’s charges may be reduced from drug trafficking to possession.

Parlae, whose real name is Maurice Gleaton, appeared before the Honorable Judge Thelma Wyatt Cummings Moore on marijuana trafficking charges stemming from a raid at an Atlanta recording studio on June 13th.

Gleaton’s attorney Ash Joshi was present to represent him, however six of his co-defendants were without legal representation. Judge Moore recessed the hearing until August 28th to allow the defendants an opportunity to secure counsel.

Last month Gleaton was one of eight individuals arrested and charged with drug trafficking after a raid at Making Big Moves Entertainment resulted in the police seizure of several pounds of marijuana, two handguns and over $100,000 dollars in cash.

The latest development in the case is that charges in the case may soon be reduced to possession with the intent to distribute rather than trafficking.

“The first thing is the marijuana has to be weighed to see if it’s more than ten pounds. In the state of Georgia if it’s less than ten pounds it’s not trafficking it’s possession with the intent to distribute. It’s still a felony but it’s far less serious,” Ash Joshi told SOHH.

Yesterday’s plea hearing would have provided the defendants an opportunity to have their charges read aloud, receive copies of their indictment and enter their pleas to the charges.

Prior to this arrest, Parlae was already on probation for a marijuana case from two years ago. While prosecutors previously attempted to revoke his probation, Parlae’s attorney successfully argued to kept it in place. Parlae is currently out of jail on bond. Joshi said regardless of whether the charges are reduced Parlae plans to plead not guilty.

“He’s not pleading guilty to any charge, any guilty plea would be a violation of his probation,” Joshi explained.

Even though Making Big Moves Entertainment CEO Anthony Blalock (who was named in the search warrant) was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and another man was discovered by police attempting to flush marijuana in the toilet, Joshi said it will be a challenge for prosecutors to make a greater connection between the defendants and the drugs or the defendants and the studio in order to make their case. Joshi says that Gleaton’s presence at the studio is not enough to convict him of the charges.

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Dem Franchize Boyz featuring Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow, and Da Brat – I Think They Like Me (So So Def Remix) Lyric

July 18, 2006

“I Think They Like Me (So So Def Remix)” is a song by Dem Franchize Boyz featuring Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow, and Da Brat from the 2005 album Young, Fly, and Flashy Vol. 1. It is a remix of the song “Oh I Think Dey Like Me” from DFB’s first CD, Dem Franchize Boyz. It reached #15 on the US Hot 100, number one on the US R&B/Hip-Hop chart and number four on the US Rap chart.

Dem Franchize Boyz Oh I Think They Like Me (Remix) Lyrics

YUP! ( in background)
(scratch) 1, 2, 3 as this is plain to see
I go by the name of Jermain Dupri
Dopeman fresh in the place to be
And uhh


Ohh I think they like me (16x)


JD: Oh i think they like me when they heard me on the other one
So its only right that i hit chu with another one
[Repeat 2x]


[Verse 1:]
Yea these niggaz like me haters want to fight me
Yea these niggaz mad cuz I came up over nightly
Yea I switched it up I got 9 kuff tightly
So you betta do the right thing like Spike Lee
Yea I’m super clean rock jeans wit a white tee
Niggaz round here soft but like niggaz want to bite me
If you had some figures you will be just like me
Yea these niggaz mad cuz I shining like a lightly
Niggaz talking bout yep in their muthafuckin throwback
He ain’t real you know dat muhammad y he sold that
We stepping on these niggaz like a muthafuckin door mat
When I hit the scene they take pictures call me Kodak
These hoes goin crazy like think they need some prozac
We the hottest thing in the market and you no dat
Yo bitch chosed up and she don’t want to go back
We stackin big faces cuz we still spending ?


Now when i do it its something like thrilla and manilla man
Known as a killa man fresh from the dealer man
So So niggas aint no crew illa than
10 niggas laying and i got about million an
dollars worth of cars in my front yard
Im from a place in atl where young niggas stomp hard
Ooo i think they like me when they heard me on the other one
So its only right that i hit you with another one
Remix we gets busy over here
No sleep niggas stay up on they grizzie over here
We young (young), we fly (fly)
and we gon stay flashy till the day that we die




[Verse 2]
They dont want 2 fight me I’m snatching ya ass up
First nigga act up first nigga get bust
majestic getting shred-up while im twirling and swtichin some
T-shirt stravaganza (franchize the white tee boyz)
Self made self paid we latch around in our white tee
Ashy black shirt well get down in ya brown tee
My hundred throwback we sport a jersey by Ali
And if he make one (then all them sike me)
I’m all about my cash ride around wit a nice peace
Ear piece icy they straight like me
You heard pimpin playa ( they shine so brightly)
Don’t stand so close vision blur when ice bling
Respect my whole squad no you can’t even touch us cuz
Role out the red carpet high 5 and show us love
Carry barretas count cheddar we transedda
I’m a franchize niggga have a mil or betta


Check it out!
6 0
6 0 4
6 9 4
blow dro with the windows up on duece four’s
purple candy paint brand new think i aint
same chick same click mo bricks in the bank
no now no hoe rounds no down like brat
it aint no showdown for no crown im holding that
face all over VH paid great till this day
been in love with the mic since run dmc walk this way
talk this way cause im gangsta chi-towns legend
im not ordinary people its a star in yo presents
so icy that my earlobes hurt
but what its worth
dont test me i got the four fitfth under the skirt
thick in the thighs can tuck that i stay on my grind
i buss back if i must act i empty the sack
its da b -r ah-a-t trust me im crazy
JD pays me im such fuckin lady


Im bow weezy prince of the o-town
Just got the wheels clean so im riding slow now
im in a fast car something like a nascar
if you wanna know how much it cost you should as paul
as paul like the rocks and chain i dropped some change
its easy for me to cop them thangs
and i dont stop i got rocks in rings
you know the same size as a boxing ring
swimming pool in the front and the back yard
i aint got to act hard
im under 21 with a plat card
yea i know that was kind of a low blow
but the dough for the so so dont come slow


Ohh I think they like me (16x)


JD: Oh i think they like me when they heard on the other one
So its only right that i hit chu with another one
[Repeat 2x]