Weird Al Yankovic – White & Nerdy music video clip

December 4, 2006

No, not riding dirty… white and nerdy!

This is a parody of Chammilionaire’s riding dirty music video clip. I think it’s really funny and all crunk fans should get to see it, that why it’s here!

Watch Weird Al Yankovic  in White & Nerdy music video clip:


Watch Ciara featuring Chamillionaire in "Get Up” music video clip

July 24, 2006

Watch Ciara’s latest single “Get Up” music video featuring Chamillionaire. The perfect summer hit we needed to make the clubs even hotter. Just as the title says, this song/music video is going to make you get up, stand up and do the 1, 2 step.

After releasing the single Get Up (audio) here’s the music video, from the crunk ‘n’ B princess, that accompanies it.

This music video is totally sexy (Ciara’s hottest video ever!) and apart from her singing talents Ciara Harris shows off her dancing skills to the fullest. Wow, the way she move her body… Damn!

This single was taken out of the Step Up film soundtrack and launches Ciara’s campaign for her upcoming album.

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watch Chamillionaire featuring Krayzie Bone – Ridin' Dirty music video

July 20, 2006

Chamillionaire is another famous name in the crunk game. I love his song “ridin’ dirty” (and it’s video clip) where he featured Krayzie Bone.

On paper, this should work just fine: clean, bumping, primary-color
Play-N-Skillz beat, all orchestra hits and swarming bass;
Chamillionaire running his lightspeed precision-slur up and down the
track before crooning a sticky chorus; a Krayzie Bone guest spot that
firmly establishes Bone Thugs as a huge influence on Cham’s sing-song
stutter. Everything seems in place. But “Ridin'” lies flat and inert,
slipping through your speakers and disappearing before you even notice
it was there. Maturity is ruining Chamillionaire. He used to
hilariously detail all the ways in which his cars were superior to
yours. And though he still talks about his cars here, he doesn’t joke,
instead tacking on a half-assed tangent about racial profiling. This
guy is going to be a lot more fun when his career fizzles and he ends
up on Koch.source

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Watch Crunk Music Video – Lil' Jon – Snap Yo Fingers

July 20, 2006

The first Lil’ Jon music video on my blog!! Wow, how could I forget the pioneer of crunk music??!??

Some days ago we looked at a few videos about the Atlanta based dance “Snap”, remember? Now this crunk music video (Snap Yo Fingers), brought to you by the king – Lil’ Jon -, is just the perfect song to that snap dance. Snap yo fingers has good beats to practise the snap dance or just watch how they do it on the music video clip.

This is Lil’ Jon in Snap Yo Fingers music video clip.

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Watch Ying Yang Twins – Saltshaker Uncensored Music Video

July 20, 2006

By the way, here’s another Ying Yang Twins music video that belongs to their most popular and is called “Saltshaker”.

This is the dirty version (uncensored) of Saltshaker video.

You are watching a crunk music video from the Ying Yang Twins – Saltshaker (Uncensored).

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Watch Ying Yang Twins Featuring Mike Jones In Badd Music Video Clip

July 20, 2006

What about a dirty south music video clip on this blog? What about letting the Ying Yang Twins do the kick-off? Here you go, watch Ying Yang Twins featuring Mike Jones in “Badd” music video.

It’s an old one but still one of my favourites dirty south ish and deserves to be here.

Enjoy it and stay crunk!

You are watching the Ying Yang Twins feat. Mike Jones in a clip entitled “Badd”

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