What is Crunk?

With the rising popularity of Southern rap music in the new millenium, we’ve witnessed the emergence of a new genre. Spawned in Atlanta, with roots deeply planted in the fertile southern soil of Bass, Crunk has grown into a force to be reckoned with. Featuring driving bass heavy beats, and frenetic chanting, Crunk music has taken over clubs across America.

If you’re not sure exactly what Crunk is, here’s an idea: Think of it as hip-hop’s version of punk or metal rock. Close your eyes and imagine an artist aggressively chanting – perhaps rapping, but more than likely yelling – simplistic lyrics into the mike. Ok… now picture what sounds like 100 (but is really more like 3) dudes behind him chanting the exact same thing as if they were of one voice.

Now while that’s firmly planted in your mind’s eye, envision the dancefloor or concert floor… whoa… it’s turned into the swirling mass of bodies, or mosh pit, once synonymous with punk rock shows and metal rock gigs.

Yes, yes y’all… that there’s Crunk.

7 Responses to What is Crunk?

  1. crunk christ says:


  2. justus babi girl says:

    the shizz nit

  3. happy says:

    Yooooo.. its the caribou!! i love to get down and CRUNK.
    yes i am a happy little caribou sitting here typing this
    i also think im hot but im not

  4. justablkman says:

    som bull shit

  5. young zpiyap says:

    i`m tha crunkest in Morroco , Blieve it Mo fux`s . CRUNK 4 LIFE

  6. snOOz213 says:

    diZZ iZ wut im talkin’ about…!! so get CrunK ya’LL

  7. yoyooyo says:

    yo yo yo yoy oyoyoyoy hyphy is better YEEE

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