Download Ceez – SP2 Mixtape

March 12, 2006

This week’s crunk recommendations goes to Ceez. This mixtape will surely crunk you ready for the hot summer…

Ceez - SP2 Mixtape picture

A list of tracks you should expect inside this Dirty South Mixtape:

  • 01. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Soul Glo (Intro).mp3
  • 02. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Jeezy Speaks.mp3
  • 03. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Dem Boyz Flow Ft. Big Twin.mp3
  • 04. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Drop It Like It’s Hot Flow Ft. X-Dub & Deezy.mp3
  • 05. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Tum Tum Speaks.mp3
  • 06. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Real Talk.mp3
  • 07. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Kill Bill.mp3
  • 08. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Oughta Yo League.mp3
  • 09. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – We Here Now.mp3
  • 10. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Trae (Guerilla Mob)Speaks.mp3
  • 11. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Epic Proportions.mp3
  • 12. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Lil John Flow.mp3
  • 13. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Bring’em Out Flow.mp3
  • 14. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Slim Thug Speaks.mp3
  • 15. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Latest And The Greatest Ft. Deezy.mp3
  • 16. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Squad Shit.mp3
  • 17. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Gone Get It.mp3
  • 18. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Magno Speaks.mp3
  • 19. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Play Hard (Exclusive).mp3
  • 20. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Duck Hunt (Exclusive).mp3
  • 21. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Who’s Next.mp3
  • 22. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Beat Bang Ft. X-Dub & Bloodraw.mp3
  • 23. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Ike.mp3
  • 24. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Takin’ It Over.mp3
  • 25. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Where My Niggaz At Ft. X-Dub & Deezy.mp3
  • 26. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Upper Echelon.mp3
  • 27. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Pinky Nigga.mp3
  • 28. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Dj Jelly Speaks.mp3
  • 29. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Ask Somebody Ft. Deezy.mp3
  • 30. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Getcha Groove On (Exclusive).mp3
  • 31. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – The Movement.mp3
  • 32. Ceez Sp2 Mixtape – Mr. Piff (Outro).mp3

Download Ceez SP2 Mixtape with 32 tracks plus front cover image and back cover picture. This track was published by

Crunk Music Switzerland

March 9, 2006

Hello Switzerland and every crunked person,

This is my first post to this crunk music site. The main aim of this site is to promote Crunk Music in Switzerland. Other countries already gave this music genres the recognition it deserves but some still have no idea. We will have sections dedicated to our swiss visitor but the most part (e.g. music news) will remain international. So what you can expect to find on this site, are all types of news about the dirty-south-originating music style. Pictures and video clips will also be part of the news and crunking information you will get from this site. I’ll also be reviewing and recommending the best crunk parties you can visit in Switzerland.

Me personally don’t consider myself as a top-crunk-head. But as I keep stuffing my head with crunkin-formartion from the different internet sources and friends, my knowledge grows and I try to share it immediately here on my blog. Any corrections or news submitted to me related to dirty-south-rap scene or crunk music will really be appreciated. Switzerland will love you for this;-)

I love crunk music and I think it has a real big future. Unfortunately dirty south rap is not sooooooooo successful here in Swiss compared to United States. But that’s why i’m here, right? I’ll change that, with the mighty power of my Crunk Music site for Switzerland.

Forget those party sounds of 2Live Crew, welcome Lil’ Jon and the Eastside Boyz rock the club. Yeeeeeeeeaah! It’s just a matter of time till crunk music also hits our swiss clubs for real. But for those who have never heard of “Crunk Music” or “Dirty South Rap” please google for these words. It’s worth it!

Hope this site can contribute something to the future of Crunk Music especially in Switzerland.