Crunk!!! Energy Drink Review

August 2, 2006

Crunk is a very unique tasting energy drink that uses a flavor that has previously been untapped in the energy drink category — pomegranate. The flavor is quite good as it is tart and potent enough to cover any aftertaste that this drink may have had. With over a dozen ingredients, the energy formulation is quite extensive compared to many other products out there. As for the brand, the phrase “Crunk!!!” offers a unique call to action for all those who are familiar with the man behind this product — Lil’ Jon, a musician who is the self proclaimed “King of Crunk”. Regardless of if you know him or not, the appeal to Crunk!!! is still there as its innocuous appearance (compared to the often offensive or misunderstood energy drink brands) certainly has the potential to attract consumers of all types. Overall, we like the look and love the taste of Crunk.

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Lil Jon's Crunk!!! Juice Energy Drink Video

July 27, 2006

Crunk!!! is a pomegranate-flavored energy drink brand that is promoted in connection to the music of Atlanta-based hip-hop artist Lil’ Jon.

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