BigZoo Bus Tour to Lil Jon Concert in Germany

All Crunk fans who live in Switzerland, this might be your one and only chance, to participate on a real Crunk Party. Lil Jon will be performing on the 06 May in Würzburg- Germany. Well, Germany ain't Switzerland… F*** it, we will still be there.. With a bus tour organized by, one of the best dirty south music organizers, BigZoo (, we will hit the road just for the sake of some real crunk shiiiiiiiit.

So go get your 500 KM "return ticket". Yeah, we are driving 500 KM from Switzerland just to meet the one and only, King of Crunk, Lil Jon. I know it's sounds crazy, but that is what crunk is all about! So dirty south fans from Switzerland don't hesitate, go get your ticket from BigZoo right now! For more information on this crunk event, you might consider checking out the blog of Hev B (a swiss crunk head and a BigZoo member).

By the way, I would like to thank Hev B. He has contributed a lot in bringing crunk to switzerland by organizing crunk parties and crunk tours. He owns the official swiss crunk music site ( coming very sooooon!


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